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It's a murderously busy Xmas season at Crime Wave Press.

We have just been to the Georgetown Literary Festival in Penang, Malaysia with our author Brian Stoddart to launch his new title The Pallampur Predicament, a classic detective tale set in 1920s India, which takes a close look at murder, morality and colonial politics on the subcontinent. It's the long awaited follow-up to A Madras Miasma. which made it into the Top 10 debut novels of 2014 at Crime Fiction Lover and has been getting rave reviews around the world.

Also just out is The Blind Rooster by Preston Lang, a crude slice of American Noir, sunny side down, with echoes of Jim Thompson and Elmore Leonard.

And we have just published Pennies for Charon by Ben Jones, which features Charlie 'Bars', the down on his luck protagonist of his gritty novella Skewered, fighting the forces of darkness in London in a Ripperish tale of murder and intrigue,

We are currently reading manuscripts and will continue to publish a wide variety of crime - from whodunits to Noir and Hardboiled, from historical mysteries to espionage thrillers, from literary crime to pulp fiction, from highly commercial page turners to marginal texts exploring cultural underbellies.

Prospective authors should take a look at our submissions page.

The Blind Rooster

When con-man Ralph does a runner on the check at a shabby diner in an unfamiliar town, he doesn't expect it to catch up to him. But the waitress Arlene tracks him down and ropes him into a bizarre heist involving ugly family secrets, a violent stepfather, a well-secured safe, and most of all Arlene's mother Gracie—a sultry karaoke queen who tickles Ralph's fancy for older women.

Ralph will need all his guile to make it through a job that has him wishing that he'd just paid for his meal.

The Blind Rooster offers a crude slice of American small town Noir, sunny side down, with echoes of Jim Thompson and Elmore Leonard.

Pennies for Charon

 Welcome to London - where the ferryman always has to be paid and the price is two shiny pennies over your cold dead eyes.
When the son of the city’s leading barrister asks ex-con turned private eye Charlie “Bars” Constantinou to look for a missing call-girl, Charlie thinks he might finally have found a way to do some good.
But Charlie soon finds himself embroiled with a serial killer who believes that the soul of the city demands human sacrifices if it is to reward its inhabitants with spoils and riches.
There’s not been a murderer so calculating, bizarre and elusive on the loose in the British capital since Jack the Ripper.
Three time loser Charlie Bars, unlikely hero of Skewered and other London Cruelties, Ben Jones’s first Crime Wave Press release, is the only man to put the city right and make sure the ferryman gets his due.

The Pallampur Predicament

The second Superindentent Le Fanu Mystery sees our intrepid British policeman on the trail of the murderers of an Indian Rajah. Under pressure from his superiors, pining for his lost love and allergic to the sight of blood, Le Fanu must navigate through a political mine-field of colonial intrigue in 1920s Madras. As the British tighten their grip on the sub-continent, Gandhi’s peace movement, British secret agents and armed pro-independence rebels complicate Le Fanu’s investigations further and he soon finds himself in a quagmire of violent opposing forces that are unwilling to compromise.


The Takeover

Dublin’s underworld is run by the Doherty family, a clan of brothers harder than the Rock of Cashel and darker than a pint of Guinness. The head of the clan, Malcolm Doherty, has infiltrated all levels of public office and rules the city’s criminal landscape without mercy or compassion. Gerald O’Brien is the incorruptible cop on the Dohertys’ trail, obsessive and indefatigable, yet unable to bring them down.

Nathan Corbally is a neglected and abused youngster. Raised by a monstrous father, Nathan steals to survive. When he steals a piece of clothing belonging to the Dohertys, he sets of a chain of events that will pit him against the rulers of Ireland’s underworld.

Three lives, steeped in violence, are about to clash in a violent grab for absolute power.

Three Father Ananda Mysteries out now

The Father Ananda murder-mystery series by Nick WIlgus now includes Mindfulness and Murder, Sister Suicide and Killer Karma.

The series follows our hero, a former policeman and Buddhist monk, as he solves murders in temples around Thailand. 

Nick Wilgus is working on a fourth Father Ananda Mystery titled The Curious Corpse, which will be out with Crime Wave Press later this year.

Mindfulness and Murder is now a feature film.

Watch the movie trailer here.
Saturday the 31st.