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It's a busy autumn at Crime Wave Press.

Just out is The Takeover, a gritty Irish crime drama by Jonathan Dunne, for now as an ebook, though print is coming soon. Violent, bleak and disturbing. The Takeover chronicles the rise and fall of a Dublin gangland family.  Harder than the Rock oif Cashel and colder than a pint of Guinness.

Also just out is The Blind Rooster by Preston Lang, a crude slice of American Noir, sunny side down, with echoes of Jim Thompson and Elmore Leonard.

And we are delighted to announce that Superintendent Le Fanu of the Madras police force is back in The Pallampur Predicament, currently available as print only with the ebook coming very soon. The Pallampur Predicament, written by Brian Stoddart, a classic detective tale set in 1920s India, which takes a close look at murder, morality and colonial politics on the subcontinen, is the follow-up to A Madras Miasma.

And there are a bunch of other follow-ups on the horizon. Jame DiBiasio is working on Cowgirl X, a second Val Benson adventure, Nick Wilgus is working on The Curious Corpse, a 4th Father Ananda Mystery and Ben Jones has just delivered a full length novel featuring Charlie 'Bars', the down on his luck protagonist of his gritty novella Skewered. Pennies for Charon should be out before year's end.

Crime Wave Press have been invited to this year's Georgetown Literary Festival in late November. Author Brian Stoddart will be launching his second Detective Le Fanu Adventure and CWP partners in crime Hans Kemp and Tom Vater will be participating in workshops and panels.

We are currently reading manuscripts and will continue to publish a wide variety of crime - from whodunits to Noir and Hardboiled, from historical mysteries to espionage thrillers, from literary crime to pulp fiction, from highly commercial page turners to marginal texts exploring cultural underbellies.

Prospective authors should take a look at our submissions page.

Hot new release - the takeover

– A novel by Jonathan Dunne

Dublin’s underworld is run by the Doherty family, a clan of brothers harder than the Rock of Cashel and darker than a pint of Guinness. The head of the clan, Malcolm Doherty, has infiltrated all levels of public office and rules the city’s criminal landscape without mercy or compassion. Gerald O’Brien is the incorruptible cop on the Dohertys’ trail, obsessive and indefatigable, yet unable to bring them down.

Nathan Corbally is a neglected and abused youngster. Raised by a monstrous father, Nathan steals to survive. When he steals a piece of clothing belonging to the Dohertys, he sets of a chain of events that will pit him against the rulers of Ireland’s underworld.

Three lives, steeped in violence, are about to clash in a violent grab for absolute power.

The Gwousz Affair - now in print

A genre-bender (think Animal Farm blended with The Big Sleep, spiced with a dash of Gulliver’s Travels and served with a side of Blade Runner), The Gwousz Affair is a dystopian-mystery novel in which the Western world is largely ruled by highly intelligent bovines. Yet at the heart of the novel lies a story that is pure noir.

Gritty, funny, speculative and gripping, The Gwousz Affair is cutting edge Sci-Fi Noir for the 21st century.

Available as ebook and print.


Hot off the digital press - Salaryman Unbound

Iwasaki Shiro, a 46 year old salaryman in Tokyo is having a midlife crisis. Unexceptional in his IT job, he works in the shadow of his boss’s charisma. His children are embarrassed by his mediocrity and his wife rarely thinks of him as an individual. He has nothing to show for decades of conformity and doing the right thing.

Shiro needs purpose in his life, so he begins to plot the murder of a neglected housewife on his street. He takes trips to scout places to dispose of a body, researches knives and arteries, and buys a neurotoxin while on a business trip in Thailand. His plans transform his personality – he can stand up to his boss, keep his children in line, wear the trousers in the marriage – but as he gets ever closer to doing the deed, it becomes clear there is more going on than he suspected.

Salaryman Unbound is a taut, literary crime novel set in contemporary Japan.

Read an interview with author Ezra Kyrill Erker about his new title.

Brand new and ice cold - Skewered and other London Cruelties

Skewered and Other London Cruelties Benedict J Jones’ novella Skewered takes us onto the mean streets of South East London. An Asian business tycoon has been kidnapped and Charlie ‘Bars’ Constaniou, just out from a third stretch in prison and stuck working in his uncle’s kebab shop, is more than ready to hand over the ransom money for a cut of the action. But simple plans never pan out and soon Charlie is up to his neck in a crooked family feud that involves a stellar cast of misfits including a psychotic torturer and a classic femme fatale. David Goodis meets Get Carter by the Thames in this Noir feast. Five down & dirty short stories accompany Skewered into the British capital’s criminal underbelly.

Listen to Benedict J Jones talk about his work at The Small Picture Podcasts.

Jame DiBiasio to publish Gaijin sequel 'Cowgirl X'

dea-sea Gaijin Cowgirl by Jame DiBiasio is a high octane adventure introducing Val Benson, flaky Tokyo hostess and utterly unreliable protagonist who stumbles across a map to one of the greatest treasures lost in World War II. Author Jame DiBiaso is currently working on a follow-up, due out with Crime Wave Press later this year.

Read a recent interview with Jame DiBiasio here or check out a recent podcast interview at The Small Picture Podcasts.

Three Father Ananda Mysteries out now

The Father Ananda murder-mystery series by Nick WIlgus now includes Mindfulness and Murder, Sister Suicide and Killer Karma.

The series follows our hero, a former policeman and Buddhist monk, as he solves murders in temples around Thailand. 

Nick Wilgus is working on a fourth Father Ananda Mystery titled The Curious Corpse, which will be out with Crime Wave Press later this year.

Mindfulness and Murder is now a feature film.

Watch the movie trailer here.

Friday the 28th.